DAVEK-Traveler Umbrella Fuchsia Pink

DAVEK-Traveler Umbrella Fuchsia Pink


The Davek Traveler is our compact travel model which features an extremely convenient, small frame system for easy portability. This model comes in an array of gorgeous colors and can easily fit in your bag or jacket pocket. Smaller and lighter than the Davek Solo the Traveler is the perfect combination of convenience and durability. Comes with a soft, genuine leather wrist strap with a special clip to secure your umbrella to any bag strap. Specifications:

- Coverage arc diameter: 40 inches

- Closed length: 9 inches

- Weight: Less than 1 lb.

- Auto-open & auto-close button system

- 100% solid steel shaft

- Reinforced 7-rib frame system

- Genuine leather wrist strap and clip

- 190-thread count microweave fabric

- Unconditional lifetime guarantee

DAVEK from New York USA, make the world's strongest and most beautiful umbrellas. By combining high-engineering performance with metropolitan style, Davek (pronounced dah-vek) is the premium umbrella brand that exemplifies your ability to afford the finest products. Davek umbrellas evoke quality through durability, material authenticity, genuine functional improvements and flawless performance. Strong for Life™


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