About Boston&Boston

Mr & Mrs Boston have a raft of fashion industry and accessories knowledge. Mr Boston has spent the past ten years developing the award winning men’s accessories brand denisonboston with roles from founder and designer to director. Denisonboston is growing as a leading UK men’s accessories brand with a range of diverse product including collar bars, tie slides, lapel pins, cufflinks, bright socks, and pocket hanks.

Mrs Boston has worked in fashion & Media PR for the past 15 years with her company SimpsonBoston. Working with emerging menswear and womenswear brands she has honed an eye for beautiful and exclusive accessories that add unique, elegant, effortless style. When Mrs B is not working in the media she directs denisonboston marketing campaigns and is a self confessed social media lover writing for the website Diary of an Honest Woman.

Boston&Boston is a beautiful mix of carefully chosen accessories that Mr &Mrs B choose and use. “We introduce brands or labels that we believe in and advocate…. delectable things that will add joy, make you look great and feel happy…"

About The Boston Crest - The Boston coat of Arms was presented to the Boston family by Richard The Lionheart (King Richard I of England) for service at War during The Crusades.  The Crest is Black, Gold and Green representing the land given by the King to The Boston’s as thanks while the Gold Lion signifies Kings Richard’s royal approval.

The B&B crest represents the highest standard of luxury products and an ongoing quest for customer satisfaction



Love & Happy Shopping!

Mr & Mrs Boston