Zatchels Red Leather satchel

Red Leather Satchel


The satchel features a leather handle top handle and detachable leather strap.

Zatchels Classic Collection is just that; classic. This is the bag you think of when someone says "satchel"


Perhaps the last time you had a satchel was back at school (maybe more years ago than you care to remember?) Well, zatchels has taken that simple bag you carried your school books in and made it all grown up. The same style, the same timeless simplicity but now it's a bag for business and it'll take you to the top.

Zatchels - Handmade in England Leather satchels. Zatchels are the last word in top quality handmade leather satchels. Expert UK craftmanship goes into each satchel which is handmade especially for you! Zatchels was inspired by years of experience and hard work in the leather industry and have used their broad knowledge and contacts to bring to you some of the most vibrant satchels made from the best quality leathers you’ll find on the market today. Zatchels believe that the beautiful hand-made satchels and bags they produce right in the heart of the England UK, are something to be very proud of.





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